4 Homemade Tricks To Safely Remove Ketchup Spills

People who have expensive and beautiful carpets at home would need to keep extra care of these assets. But in a place where there is too much hustle and bustle and pets and kids, spills are a common thing. If you come across ketchup spills then you would be getting angry for sure. But it’s time to take the right action rather than get angry. So, here are some homemade tricks that will help you to get rid of ketchup stains and spills. The reason why tomato sauce spills are disastrous is that these stains are quite stubborn and can create issues for sure. The look of your carpet will be compromised to a certain extent. So, follow these 4 homemade carpet cleaning tricks.  But before that, scrape off the ketchup completely. Now, you can take any of the below-mentioned remedies.

Safely Remove Ketchup Spills
Safely Remove Ketchup Spills
  1. Use cold water and detergent to make the stain diluted enough

Now, you need to clear off the stain and that will be possible with cold water. You should apply cold water in that area and this will dilute the stain. Now, you can use liquid detergent to remove the stain properly. This is a good way to make your carpet better once again. This is the best way to flush off the stain.

  1. If you have tested on the carpet then use the bleach on the same to remove the sauce stain

If your carpet stays fine even after a small test of bleach then you can use the same to clear off the sauce stain on the carpet. Apply diluted bleach and let it be there for a while. The next thing that you need to do is flush off the same with water. You will see that the stain will go away quickly. It’s just that the stain should go but the carpet should not go colorless.

  1. Use hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain quickly

You must use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the stains caused by the ketchup spill. You can use this method and it will bring perfect solutions for you. The stains can make the carpet look dirty and old. If the ketchup stains become too old then they can stay on the carpet permanently. To avoid that, it would be better that you take the relevant steps and make things perfect in every way.

  1. Use white vinegar

This is one more amazing remedy that can help to remove the sauce stains. With Professional Carpet Cleaners, you can seek the right way to keep the carpets stain-free. Vinegar is alkaline and hence when these stains show up, there will be a perfect challenge that vinegar can give. By repeating the method twice or so, you can remove these stains.


You need to be sure of making your task perfect in every way. If there was a spill on the carpet then you should quickly search for the remedies. There are many such remedies and for sauce stains, the take care of an industrial woolen carpet will work well.